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    Drawing Using Construction Method, Resources on Shading/Rendering?

    Hello everyone,

    I've been learning from Alphonso Dunn's youtube videos. And he uses the construction method of drawing, right? like vilppu, and bridgman...

    I'm getting a sense of the three-dimensional of the forms I'm drawing on the paper, but have trouble shading. In Alphonso Dunn's videos, his drawings are totally different from the object in real life I see around me. I don't know if it is a matter of me not being able to perceive correctly or something else. For example, in real life there are way more shadows than in his drawings, there are shadows merging into shadows, which as you can image complicate things a lot for me. Also, I see so much tonal variation in his drawings that I cannot see in real life objects. (I think this applies to most drawings). I really only see 3-4 tonal values or something like that. Is it a matter of just transitioning slowly from one value to the next?

    I don't know if I need to get some special lighting to achieve this effect or something like that. Maybe I just can see them...

    I feel like he exaggerates/invents the light/dark/grey areas in his mind in a way(even when drawing from life?) By this I mean, he thinks about which area is facing the light, which is facing the dark and draws it based on this instead of actually observing? I mean like, based on visual "laws" and prior knowledge. Hope this makes sense.

    I actually really like his style. But I have no clue how to draw like that from real life.

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    I cannot comment on what you perceive, but it looks like Alphonso Dunn cleverly lights his models, and uses his knowledge of light and shadow to emphasize the 3-dimensional form of the model. Be aware that drawing is not just copying what you see, but also simplifying in order to make it manageable. You may want to take a look at Stan Prokopenko's videos on shading the model, using core shadow and a simplified sense of light and shadow. Does this strike a chord with you?
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