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Thread: Crit Plz

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    Crit Plz

    Hello everyone i hope you are all doing good! please say anything you want, any aspect you like to crit
    Name:  floofy hair(smol).jpg
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    Not a bad sketch - obviously the lines should be connected and cleaned up, and perhaps given some weight.

    The left arm gets lost in the feathers. Perhaps use different line weight.

    I can't tell if the back foot is unfinished or super big.

    Also that pose looks wonky if standing and ignores the volume of the back/right leg.

    The shoulders look way out for being that baggy of a shirt too..

    A good start!
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    It's actually a bit hard to look at the whole picture. I have to zoom out my browser even on a full hd resolution. Try to keep the height smaller than 850px.

    I second modi123's commentary about the lines. They need some work, specially some weight variance to bring some features forward and some backward.

    Also I believe you went for somewhat exaggerated proportions, but the shoulders look too broad, waist look kinda flat, legs are way too long and feet are a bit too big. At least to me.
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