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    First Attempt at a Pinup-style

    First Attempt at a Pinup-style


    I'm 4 months in of starting to do art after getting gifted a Cintiq 22HD, my progress so far, I haven't done things like this before but I've always had the imagination to express >_<
    I've been more lenient on doing faces and not so much on proportions but I've never done curvaceous ones like this before.

    Please help me with this one, I've spent like 4 hours on it and it's driving me insane.
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    Not bad, but a whole mess of oddities.

    Big one - why is it tilted badly? Even if I square the shoulders the head is off as well as the hips to knees to (most likely) feet.

    Next - did you stretch this horizontally? If so, why? Dropping it into a basic program I was able to horizontally crunch this into a better proproption set.

    Indded, the face looks very flat and almost sunken.

    The arms look too thin or oddly jointed.

    Given the exaggerated thigh gap and legs I am having a hard time trying to believe this character could stand up straight.

    The tail looks like it is growing sideways out of her back. Think if it was a real tail then it would go back from the body THEN swing around.
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    Lol, those boobs look beautiful! Unfortunately the left arm (right side to us) looks pretty out of proportion and kind of shrunken. The right arm looks like the elbow could be a little higher.
    The rendering where you have really focused on it is well done, but I would suggest to go back to the main sketch and work a bit on proportion and lighting, then build from there, and it will look great!

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    your farther ahead then i am thats for sure

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    Check out Loomis figure drawing all its worth and proko (youtube channel) as your propositions and anatomy could use some work as said above, also if you can get to life drawing classes I highly recommend it, also you could do still lifes from life using one light, proko has video about lighting as well

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    I would say the rendering on the hips, breast, and hand look really good. Maybe every morning try to do a few hours of gesture drawings.
    Right now the pose looks very stiff. doing gesture studies will help you to find the lines of action in the figure, and exaggerate them so that they look
    more lively and dynamic. it will help make the drawing look less stiff. Also I would say it is okay to use reference, but maybe take 2 or 3 pictures of a girl and take bits and pieces from each of them so you can come up with an original pose.

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