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    Need feedback on this T-rex model i made

    Name:  45WyoiC.jpg
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    I am quite new to all of this critique online so please give me your honest opinion on this one, thank you

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    Seems ok-ish.

    The teeth do not look to hold any depth.
    The bone structure just seems awfully thin.
    The bottom jaw looks to lack enough shading or exaggeration to show the planes.
    The top almost looks washed out too far and removes detail when it shouldn't be doing that.

    Perhaps instead of that odd background you kept the wall, extended it past the frame (so no corner) and added a few low poly plants or decorations like in a room.
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    Thanks mate! i really appreciate the comment, but that last one about being washed out too far and removes detail i don't really understand that

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    Need feedback on this T-rex model i made


    I dunno if it's intended to be a kind of origami paper-sculpture look, or if you're going to refine it further. If the latter, Modi's already mentioned more than I can.

    Judging it as a tyrannosaur skull... there are quite a few inaccuracies I can see, and if I were to hazard a guess, most of them come about because you only used a lateral, side-on view of a skull as reference. Is that correct?

    The snout is too wide.
    The bar over the nares (nose holes) is really wide.
    The orbits are facing sideways because the snout is too wide.
    The top of the skull is domed rather than dipping slightly between the lacrimal and postorbital crests (the raised bits above the orbit that give tyrannosaurus it's little 'horns'), and there's no sign of the supratemporal fenestrae (the big holes at the back of the top of the skull).
    There's no antorbital fossa - the big hollow where the two holes in the side of the snout (the promaxillary fenestra and antorbital fenestra) in front of the orbit lie.
    The premaxillary teeth at the very front are big sabres like the rest, rather than more incisiform. (Slightly flattened front-to-back; almost D-shaped in cross-section)
    And so on.

    A picture paints a thousand words, so here are a few K.

    Biggest takeaway is that while the snout is not exactly paper-thin, the back of the skull flares way out, making a dorsal, top-down view look like a squared-off ping-pong paddle. The orbits, being situated at this transition point, are rotated round from a lateral facing to an almost anterior facing, which gave it that predatory 3D-binocular-vision advantage and the look that gives us prey species a thrill. This is in contrast to much more distantly-related large theropods, like allosauroids.
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