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    WIP Character concept art - Critique Please!

    Hi everyone!
    I am currently working on a character concept art for my portfolio. The work is in very early stage of defining ideas and some basic stuff (anatomy, composition, colors and etc...)

    Any critique or suggestion to make this digital painting better would be appreciated.
    (I am thinking about dark mystic forest for the background!)
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    There is something wonky going on in that pose. Chiefly - how is she standing up like that?

    Fore-leg out in front with the butt's center of gravity way past. The back leg in some sort of weird step where the foot is directly behidn the first, and cock-eyed.

    Why is the face a flat 2d plane when everything else is attempting to be 3d?

    The legs look pointing to the bottom left.. the hips across, and the chest a significant degree pointing left-up. Get those lined up better.

    I am not certain about the purple cloud this person is straddling, nor the hair which thins out to hoops? Circles?
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    Hiya! Thank you so much for your critique
    Yep, I tweaked the anatomy of her body to get more interesting silhouette. Probably too much...
    I have done some re-work on the character and roughly added the background. I hope that I fixed all of the problems that you picked up.

    The purple cloud that you mentioned at the end is a skirt. I have changed the design of it so that it looks more like clothes.
    And I kept the shape of the hair. Yes, the shape is a bit weird. But I want to keep it since I love the style of it.

    Name:  minji_levelup.jpg
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    Right now, I am just worried about the fact that the pose seems boring and not interesting...

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