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Thread: Need critique?

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    Need critique?

    I've started drawing humans 2 weeks ago, therefore I'm not too familiar with them yet. However, I have been drawing stylised portraits of humans non-stop for the past week and I'd like critique on a recent work of mine in order to improve.
    Here it is:
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    Hi… (maybe you could repost the image in a way that it shows here… I couldn't get to the posted address for ?? reason). Well, welcome to the sometimes frustrating world of drawing humans! ha If you remember to learn the structure, layered by muscle, and bend the body where the body naturally bends, then you are halfway there! Too often people just guess or use poor references (ie. super-hero physiques… usually horrible in realism) so I recommend a figure drawing class at a local art school or community college. Life is your very. best. teacher. Books and online tutorials are very helpful, and some are very good. But too often they are teaching you the "ideal human form". Ever ride a public bus or walk thru the mall? Not an "ideal human form" in the bunch, as we are all so different! (my last bus ride, I swear was with the entire group from the cantina scene in Star Wars! haha) So learn the human form from the inside out, tall, short, hunched, portly, and enjoy the shapes we all come in. Base them on a frame of stick-bones wrapped with muscles in rounded or elongated shapes and it will give you a great sense of human mass and volume. Don't worry about faces, fingers, toes. Work on those separately and when it's appropriate add them in. Hope to see your work posted!

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    Hi! Thanks for telling me! I've edited the link. Here it is now!
    And thanks for the advice. I guess that I should work on realism first then. I'll do that!

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