C.O.W. #416 - The Psychic Merchant from Ganymede - WIPS Thread
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Round #416 The Psychic Merchant from Ganymede


#416 The Psychic Merchant from Ganymede!

In the future, scientists have set up colonies on Jupiter's largest moon: Ganymede. The creatures on Ganymede possess the ability to see several years into the future and have helped humans resolve major political issues on Earth. One such powerful Ganymedian is the Merchant. You will have two weeks to complete the look of this creature because I will be at GDC all next week! Plus, I like the two-week deadlines to allow more time for development. One thing I would like to see this round is thumbnail exploration. Too often we jump right into a final without designing a truly interesting silhouette. Aim for 25-30 thumbnail sketches (make sure to number each sketch) and take the three best to further their designs. From those three, choose one as the final direction. Have fun everyone and I can't wait to see them!

P.S. Your creature
MUST have one functional feature and it needs to be believable.

Due Tuesday, March 27thth at 10:00pm EST