The contest ends On May 4th


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We have Gangsta friends that are into our Sci fi Ideas to create a real place for profit, please procede with exitement! We need more Clients tough

Imagine That Interior Architecture is in the beggining, and you can Totally reshape an interior space, picking up where left off, and upgrading

Collab Contest - Most "Selly" Videoclipable Coffeshop pixel in the World!

Envision a concept of the most enjoyable dreamlike coffeshop Pixel in The World! See your Ideas getting Built and win BIG! Imagine 920speaker booming drones serving spliffs torugh the mouth, anything is possible!

A truly lit Gangsta Videoclipable Space unlike any other, Full of Techy Intricacies on it`s sculptured techi curved walls, with disruptive design everywhere!

Grab All your inspirations, sci fi comics, Architectonic styles, personal design wishes, sculptoric memories and put them in your imagination blender with no lid on!

Wonder about the funniest and the most gangsta videoclipable coffeshop , See it getting built and win BIG!

The world`s most Avant Garde Design Coffeshop Pixel In the World!

World`s Most Selly Coffeshop Pixel Shrine - Break the niche with out of this world Overall Interior Design!

Grab All your inspirations, sci fi comics, Architectonic styles, personal design wishes, sculptoric memories and put them in the imagination Morpher.

this will be the amaziest thing on your curriculum! Experience the Space in your imaginarium like an alien experience is truly happening in you!


The term Gangsta doesn`t need to be literal , search your deepest sauces, ideas for sculptures, psychedelic memories, Lsd lighting and put everything in a "4DPhotoshopVegas" Flow to do your own Neuronal Brainstorming

Same goes for Sci Fi , Neon, Darkly lit, Next Levels, Non industrialized Solid Interior Design Overall.



top- Costs , choose a specific place to envision the overall design (not important, we will look at the modules you create!)

middle - Finishing Textures ,sound, smells, space Experience, Think Neat Alien or Walls filled with textures!

middle bottom- Materials, types of plants used , Tech inserted with specifics or general, lighting.

bottom - "Painting" of the modules, 3D Space Composition , details. Facade , 3Dwall /Ceilings, 3D textures.


design a coffeshop place for the Areas of the world with legal marijuana use (California, Holland, Barcelona ). better if it`s in Holland , try to be specific to a place but it`s not mandatory.Some of this places win 60K a day or double on a regular.It might not be a coffeshop at all! Think Practical Future Trend + M O N E Y ! 120K$ a Room!


Prefered Project deliver types , by order (Mix it!)

-3D Sketch (Baked is better)
-3D sketch and PS images (glued or drawn)
-Handrawn Sketches
-Written Concepts with details.

Add any Details that go behond the Architectural process like audio samples triggered when something is activated, drones that do something, some special servers`s way of behaving.

Cool things:
States of the Art's places (Take tech and Art from everyproject you find cool)

Nature Simulation

Big Data Vizualization on an object (Ex: Shrubbery with augmented recent music information , hover your finger on each seed to reveal a thumbnail of the song and a preview of the best part, the shrubbery is inside a DIFERENT DISCO/PLAYlistGROUND )can be different, like a huge fungae or algae with augmented Alive/dead spieces info, and it's fed trough tubes to simulate accurate scientific information.

Non Crowded Non tables n chairs Interior Places.

Theatrical Machines and effects. (Special Real Effects SPRFX.)

Cause and effect Floor tiles, wall tiles.

Magic motion reckognition Cupboards, Hidden doors, human size surprise doors, Butterfly surprise magic cupboards, Glow in the dark grasshoppers, etc!

Daniel Wurzt Air Fountains (similar)

Ernesto neto type confy couches but stuffed on the wall, disruptive sofas and seated places invented by you!

Smoke Vortexes -

Ultrasonic mist maker coming from special chandeliers

Aquarium walls

Luxurious Back-bottom led lighting, led lighting behind transluscent white/ pvc

Some parts of Sky Doll Comic Inspiration or any Tastefull parts of sci fi or disruptive architectonic interior.

Trampolins and games+ Daniel Wurtz air fountains?

Aquarium Ceilings with chill moving waves and pink- purple light with sublime fades

Parametrized walls with tech inside.

Miniature Sci fi Arquitechture Inbuilt inside on a tall ceiling with mini modded drones as traffic.

Capsule Beds, alternative for coffeshops or other

Retractable Shishas coming form the ceiling, yeah.

Specialized Spaces

Specialized Activities you can do, this space is going to be The REALEST

Architechtree Form

Architechtree Tech

What Are We talking About?

(Go Slow) basically you can export every Interior Design Overall 3D Model of a room to reallity with 3DScanning+3D mashups and laser etched interlocked double corrugated cardboard / plywood bases for wallmounts and ceilingmounts with matte finishing, and Make HOLLIERWOOD like scenariums for an expensive place That will make It popout of it's niche and be make It's city Famous WORLDWIDE Again New!.

You can put anything on the wall, smoke machines, motion reckognition magic cupboards at the bent of a finger, anything!

««««««««««««« S P E C S * Ignore for Greatness

Facade: Draw a facade with plants , It has to look inviting and world trademark, stand out from the "2D" relief crowd. it has to look All out, with a plant bouquet inside a 3Dcomposed giant vase that can appear has anything. Take special care to not to see the pots(you have to design a sculpture or a disruptive framing to hide the vases or sellect some type of moss or plant to mix in the bouquet bottom) . The facade is to be of 2 floors high, but it can go as high as you want.

Make a quick selling booth
with an interactive or a disruptive way to sell weed.(Ex>Sell weed trough a Sculpture (you don`t see the person).He is speaking trough a morphed distorted voice and when they sell above 50 euros there is a smoke machine on the mouth where deliveries are made and that activates the smoke with a beer sight./ a machine like the new pharm stores drops the weed)

3D walls ceilings: The walls are built with 123D maker and you can build them with any shape, curvilineuous with smooth curves and with Subdivision surfaces and insert any tech that you want in there. If you know specifics about the finalization with your 3Dtexture (etched or not) write it with details. if you find a way to spend less resources or to assemble it , write it down. There is a beautiful prime finishing (see this tutorial)

-The sketch has too be resizable in it`s concept modules, so they can change place.

-Draw the transition too between the modules, they have to fit in a coese composition.


Pinterest folders

Pinterest: Get a better grip at the vision by going trough these pinterest folders,


Cave Making of - this cave folders have examples of what 123dmaker can do in relation to the walls, everything


Imprint Dark Cave


Madreams - Orphic - You can use 2D artglitches and extrude them in 3D!

Crazy coloring - You can extrude Paintings onto 3D

Kali Graphy - you can extrude Kaligraphy like a japanese temple out of the intersection of 2 caracters.


shapes walls

Roofs and floors

Connectors Stairs Doors elevators


paper beautiful




Tech Modules , Fusion between Tech and Architecture in "Pixel" Places and disrupting design.

Pragmatic meaning:

Modules: Trough a 3d Scanning of ANY tech it can be subtracted to the model and placed inside of it in Any shape that you would like with any redesign of form hiding the previous one.

__________________________________________________ _______

__________________________________________________ _______

Worded Examples of modulesmoke machine inside sculpture`s mouth, or coming from holes in the ceiling , going trough slithering above cold currents of outside air under the walls.

Fusion between Tech and Architecture in "Pixel" Places and disrupting design.

Luxurious Vaporwave Chillout bar with an Aquarium celing with a chilled wavemaking motor with degrade pink-purple lighting.

Open air cinema with a projector hanging from a crane so you look at the stars while you watch.

UFC fenceless ring with EEG on the fighter´s helmet connected with a 3D projector .the EEG detects mood changes and visualizes the effects, with Custom soundsamples for finishing moves!

Marijuana themed coffeshop with a parametrized wall overall design with legal hemp plants put upside down on a wavy ceiling composition, a virgin mary altar with hemp plants behind and triangulated reflector low poly parametrized 3D wall.

Air cushions on the walll... they´re moving

Neo food serving, from gyroscopical food trays that rool from the ceiling kitchen, Uv tonic water jelly beads that are served in nylon from the Ceiling.

Huge fidget spinner with 3 stripping poles. the center rotates anti-clockwise so the dancers can change position.

Water Mechamimicry of a Kinectic moving dance floor for a futuristic Fantasy Club.

Foot fetish Restaurant with lowered trenched tables and beautiful mini/skirt servaints serving the food on catwalks.

Space Spheric total Minimal Restaurant with motion reckognition cupboards coming from the walls with his hand gesture activation, for a 0G romantic evening.

Playfull Parks with Augmented reality projected on Orange shrubberys of Information for seeing Data in a playfull way!

__________________________________________________ _____


Modules Examples 2:

-Virgin Mary Statue with legal Hemp plants behind in a 123Dmaker wall with low poly sculpturic form and reflective mirrors on the triangles.

-Low Poly Triangulated 3D walls with reflective Shields

-Marijuana Plants coming from the ceiling they can be organized in wave like pattern or in many organization ways (spiral, grid wavy, semi spheric placement).

-3D plywood-structure wallmount plant facade with a "Crown " over the door with marijuana plants behind and some slow moving plants as you enter the gate.Plant Pot's are hidden behind 3D wall(Art) .