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    How DO YOU DO the hours of art that you do?

    Hey guys,

    So I've looked and I've seen a lot of threads entitled "how many hours of art should I do", emphasis on "should" there, and the general consensus is "do as many as you can", whatever you can manage, one hour a day is better than nothing, and as more time opens up just pour more art in the cast mould of your life (waxing a bit lyrical there, forgive me).

    My question, following up on that one, is how do you then do that? How do you take an hour every day, or eight hours every day, or sixteen hours, and make that study time effective and useful every day? Weekly plans? Daily plans? Just go with the flow? Maybe this question is garbage but I ironically spent time I could have been drawing writing it, so I'm afraid it's here now.

    TL;DR: How do you achieve the hours of art you achieve? What's your routine and was it tough to condition yourself to that routine?

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    I think you have figured out a very important point is that you simply cannot just rely on dumping a ton of hours without any direction for consistent results. I still think you should do as many hours of art as you can, however, answering these questions can help get more out of your art hours.

    I think the most important thing you need to do in order to self-study well is being analytical about every single thing you do. You don't have a teacher with years of experience to do the brainwork for you, to tap you on the back and gives you advice on what to look for. Two people doing the same exercise can gain different knowledge. You're not the first person I have seen doing an exercise hundred of time and gain very little.Personally, my thinking system looks like this

    - What: What is the exercise? What do I need to look for when I'm doing this exercise? What are the things I need to know beforehand in order to gain something out of this? What teachers have good demos of this exercise that I can watch and learn from? ... etc
    - Why: Why do I need to do this exercise? Why when I'm doing this and that it turns out different than my teacher's result/better or worse than my previous attempts? ... etc
    - How: How is this relevant to my work? How do I incorporate this into my work? How can I maximize the knowledge I gain from doing this? .... etc

    I think the greatest pitfall of people who fail at self-studying art is not being analytical enough. A great tip I have heard from Anthony Jones is that half of the time should be spent on research. That means finding out reliable sources of information, constantly watching ( or rewatching ) online art courses ( do the same for reading books ), structuralizing your own studying program, trading thoughts and ideas with like-minded people on the same skill level or higher , being very aware of every single thing you do in your art time and thinking about what very specific thing/step that you get wrong/don't realize.

    The more self-aware you are, the faster you will progress. People are like " oh just do art a lot , I hear students at Art Centre or ( insert an Atelier's name here ) do art 16 hours a day". Yeah, that's fair, except they fail to realize they are applying the School method without the benefits of being in a school. And all the research and development thing you take for granted from your teachers, guess what, now you have to do it yourself.

    Also , you can use software like Manic Time to help you track the time you spend on each task . Pretty helpful . Like I got so carried away yesterday that i only managed to get around 4.5 hours out of my 8 hours
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    People keep telling me : " Why do you keep suggesting courses and books instead of just giving me the solution directly ? "

    Well if i could condense all the necessary informations that take hours of explanation and demonstration into a single post, i would gladly do it

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    ... you block out time. Be it half an hour after work, an hour or so before dinner, or wake up earlier and do it before leaving for the day.
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    It's called discipline, you decide something and you do it. I don't see what the angst is over. If you aren't willing to postpone or sacrifice things for your art you will never be a professional artist. If that doesn't make you do what you need to do to succeed nothing will.

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    Your plan may be ready made for you. If there are life drawing workshops near you, they are probably only offered on certain hours of certain days. The same goes for paintouts. The same goes for community college classes.

    Then there is the possibility that you need to have a job for certain hours of the day. If you get a calendar and do a little research, you will find out when you can and can't draw; when you should and shouldn't draw. If you know when you are able to draw and you don't want to draw at that time, then the discipline issue has raised its ugly head.

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    I don't go to the gym anymore. I don't have time to go hunting anymore. I don't have time to go horseback riding anymore.

    So I'm a typically skinny, tall, willowy but ultimately flabby artist who can easily be thrown around in the sack, rawrrrr
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