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Thread: Any critiques?

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    Any critiques?

    Name:  Febuary 17 2018 - Man stretching out arms reworked.jpg
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Size:  107.6 KBI just want to know if the skin looks right and if my anatomy and gesture is doing well.

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    The thick wavy black lines and spotty rendering are giving him a really mushy appearance. Ditch the soft brushes and go in with a large hard brush, focusing on the forms in the light and shadow before you attempt any detailing. You have given him an outline, and but you are not even coloring within that outline. All it is doing now is acting as a distraction and hurting the image really badly. Especially those heavy interior black lines.

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    Agree, paint more like big shapes first then move to smaller and smaller, same goes for drawing step, big simple forms, smaller.... look proko (link) or Loomis figure drawing all its forth I would suggest you to paint with black and white for now, as it will translate to your color use later Paint with hard edge brush, you could try still life from life with using one light and build it up using those simple shapes which is shown in link earlier

    as for edges, you need more variation to make it interesting and more believable

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    I have to say you are headed the right direction, but with the wrong tools... I recommend you sit with a pencil and paper, sketch out your ideas, your concepts, and feel them growing from your hand thru the pencil and on to the paper. Realize that there is no command-Z, no layers, no hiding things that aren't pleasing to your eye. Why? Well, if you really want a connection with sketching you have to make mistakes and see them as you change them. They guide you mentally and artistically. If you simply eraser-tool them away then you have nothing to say to you "hey! 'member me? yeah, don't do this again, wasn't pretty!" haha Sounds corny, but you NEED something to constantly keep you progressing, and hiding your best teaching tool is self-defeating. Sketch some great sketches, scan them in, then in a very washed/transparent way, add colors to your beautiful sketches. Then you have the life of the sketch teamed with the colors you can layer in slowly. Patience is the ONLY way. The computer isn't a cure for drawing deficiencies. Not sure how you'll spend my 2 cents, but there they are!

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