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    Feedback for beginner

    Hello guys. I'm starting in digital painting and I'm focused on working as a concept artist. I'm doing this piece as a color study. Any review is very welcome. Thank you very much!

    Name:  Roman Soldier.jpg
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    It looks like you are still in the blocking in phase...but you are already jumping in with color tones. Establish a stronger sense of light and shadow first by using a much more limited palette. Take it easy on the highlights, some of your most lit areas are heading towards which which is giving a cold effect to the entire image.

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    Yeah Mike has pretty much nailed it but I would just add that you need stronger references too.
    If you look at his left arm (sword arm) you have treated it like a 3d model and the shoulder plates are inside his arm, they have not reacted to his movement. The armour is linked plates that move and bunch up as he moves to allow him freedom of movement while he is wearing it!
    you have to think of him as a whole unit and everything interacts. when you are working on a concept you need to get your head around the whole thing and understand the whole thing or you can't effectively portray it.
    Sorry if that sounds patronising or anything but thats what I have learned from the concept work that I have done so far! Get your head around it and own it!
    Best wishes with the work, and keep it coming!
    A great kind hearted lumbering bullock = my Sketchbook

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    I agree with what the other commentators have said. I think that for a beginner this work is good with quite a lot of detail. Well done! I would say, though, that the man's pose needs to have more fluidity. It looks a bit stiff, In life, our movements usually have some gracefullness - unless someone is very old - and this sense of grace and motion brings a created figure to life and reveals character.

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