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    Oneiric - Composition 1.1

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    Bouguereau - "Evening Mood":

    Bouguereau puts emphasis on the figure through the principle of economic background.coupled with his use of contrast,the path of vision is ordered as:figure,the rock and waves in the background and finally the evening sky.this results in a piece that depicts something deliberatly simple (and therefore elegant imo). i get a certain calmness out of this and suspect that this is because of the principle of unity, meaning that every design/composition principle has been correctly executed.

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    "Rembrandt" - "Man With The Golden Helmet":

    i liked the overall value and high contrast, while still depicting something simple.
    The piece seems balanced, in both value and placement of the subject. the background is economic and counters the
    highly detailed foreground elements., e.g. the helmet,feathers and clothes. another effect of this is that the emphasis lies on the portrait.

    These studies took about 1 1/2 hours each, more or less. I already did a few more, trying to fit them into the 1-2 hour timeframe, but noticed that i should take more time to establish the overall forms correctly. I'll be posting them sometime soon.
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    Denis Forkas - "The Offering (Study)":

    This study is in general in a more darker value range, with very few accents on the lighter end of the value spectrum.
    i noticed that the the heads, candles and bloodstains in this piece are arranged in a 2/3 ratio (roughly).the heads also have
    rhythmic properties, as the movement from the first to third is ascending. the principles i notice most in this are continuity, repetition and

    Name:  study 4.jpg
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    Frank Frazetta - "Death Dealer III" :

    The emphasis here is on the figure and the skelettal remains, acting as most important objects.
    this is achieved by the use of high contrast and central placement within the image.
    putting the figure in the centre also acts as means to balance the picture.

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    Caravaggio - "Judith Beheading Holofernes"

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    i took a different approach, trying to use a grid and no pen pressure to establish the basic forms and then use pressure to blend.
    this somehow took considerably longer than the previous studies.drawing without pressure is something i almost never
    do, so i might continue to try and improve that.
    the painting at first glance seemed quite economic to me with its black background and its clear rhythm, but proved to be more complex
    because of the sharp edges and high detailed elements in the foreground, such as the cloth and faces.

    William Adolphe Bouguereau - "Nymphs And Satyr":

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    i really like the way lighting is handled in this one. the few elements/people in the foreground
    manage to make the piece appear light although vast portions are actually held in darker tones. this
    seems to be even more true in the colored state.

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    NC Wyeth -

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    same approach as the previous study,except that this was done within the 1-2h time limit. i think i'm slightly improving on capturing
    shapes and values more correctly. the underlying composition is two axes, that intersect at right angles and so divide into an area of
    interest and the background.

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    Jean-Léon Gérôme - Pelt Merchant of Cairo
    Jean-Léon Gérôme - Diogenes

    Name:  Study 9.jpg
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    Name:  Study 10.jpg
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    used the same method,within 1-2 hour timeframe. as mentioned the construction of shapes and values needs more time this way, but
    gives more accuracy in both categories. what i like about the paintings is their clear separation of fore-middle-background.

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