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    Some pictures at the exhibition - "A new look at art through a hole in the canvas"

    Paintings are written in a very unusual way. The artist stands behind the canvas, pushes his 'rod' through the hole, the model with the drawing on the buttocks is on the front side of the canvas. When copulating, the paint is applied to the canvas.
    Name:  Wet.jpg
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Size:  64.5 KB Name:  Seasons.jpg
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Size:  75.3 KB Name:  Pink rabbits.jpg
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Size:  74.7 KB Name:  In club.jpg
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Size:  71.9 KB Name:  I will warm you.jpg
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Size:  100.2 KB Name:  Carnival.jpg
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Size:  100.2 KB Name:  All under the sky.jpg
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Size:  104.7 KB Name:  A prostitute.jpg
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    Wet, acryl on canvas 45x75cm
    Seasons, acryl on canvas 45x35cm
    Pink rabbits, acryl on canvas 45x35cm
    In clube, acryl on canvas 45x35cm
    I will warm you, acryl on canvas 45x35cm
    Carnival, acryl on canvas 45x35cm
    All ander the sky, acryl on canvas 90x90cm
    A Prostitute, acryl on canvas 45x90cm

    have another works

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    this is some crazy s***
    the Ink

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    This was originally placed in the critique section. It does not belong there. Nor would I call it fine art. I thought this would be a good place to discuss its merits.

    Also, lol.

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    Meh. Edgy for the sake of being edgy, and it’s already been done before. Maybe if I was 14 I would think this is really clever and tittilating. Look up Tracey Emin or Damien Hirst.
    Sketchbook (last updated June 20th, 2018)

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    That's pretty shocking. It is at least a new idea to me. But I'm numb to it. That's the problem with art today. We can't keep on like this because it just stops meaning anything. And there's some message to this work I'm sure, but it's true purpose for being created was probably to get a response. There's no way the "shock" value can be unintended by the artist, even if it's more of a witty statement than outright disgusting.

    My two (three) cents:
    I think contemporary art schools are pushing this type of work so much, that it actually has little effect anymore. And for what? Does work like this reflect what we value as a society?
    In every art students mind, aren't there at least some vague thoughts of "Oh boy, this'll really get 'em!"?
    I think we are reaching a point where the imaginary prissy old conservative audience we are trying to get a rile out of is not really there, so who is this art really meant for besides an echo chamber of academics?

    I'm not getting mad, just trying to get some discussion goin.

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    I understood to some extend those couples who had sex on a large canvas-sheet using non-toxic paint (as far as I remember the story), and paid for an artwork they basically created themselves...

    This I don't understand...
    I'm not sure I even wanna know what that streak running down from the hole is (on the painting mid-left), but it does make me wonder if maybe this belongs more in a sex-fetish forum than art forum?
    Then again, some of those patterns there does not seem like the "copulation" went on for more than a few seconds, which then sort of borders the line of wrong advertisement...

    As for art critique if that's what you wanted initially...
    The painting "I will warm you" is nothing but mud used in far too great extend.
    The background on carnival has colors that look amateurish and washed out.
    With seasons, having that red placed where it is... you mean "that time of month" season? I don't know where you live and if it's representative to seasons there, but usually orange and warm browns are used for fall-seasons. But ok if you live far north I guess all that winter-color is valid? -Just be aware that only local people are gonna get the point then.
    All under the sky is... Well.... For me that combo just doesn't work at all! Visually unpleasant to look at.
    When you can paint circles on the "In the Club", maybe clean up the rabbits a bit and make them exciting to look at.

    Apart from that, maybe read up on some color theory?

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