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    Feed back for symbolism nudes

    These are three sketches for paintings that will be part of my Surrealism/Symbolism Nude Figure Collection.

    Any feedback will help. Anything I could add symbol wise to strengthen the meaning.

    Breaking Free is about social and government conditioning, and she is trying to break free from it.

    Shackled Down is about how she feels religions holds her back.

    White Society - not sure if I made this clear, but basically the wind is blowing her black skin away, revealing white skin underneath. This is about how white's basically control the society, or how people feel they do. About how even some blacks feel they would have better jobs and be treated differently if they were black. Basically, society wants us to be white is the idea.

    There is an overarching theme in this collection, which is why many are drawn to some degree as synthetic people, or even doll-like. The hair takes different forms and shapes to express the emotion. Their hair is sometimes more like crystals and other times like strips of metal.

    Name:  shackled down.jpg
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    Seems like an interesting concept, though if looking at them in a vacuum I am not certain I get all that background detail.
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    I finished another painting for my Symbolism Figure Collection. This was painted in Clip Studio Paint.

    Name:  born again 8- small.jpg
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    Hmm. Interesting concepts. The first one where the chains are money seems very literal symbolism to me. And it also kind of makes it seem like it's money holding her back, not necessarily the government and society. Though I could see how it's a symbol for capitalism.

    I think you may have to ask yourself, too, what's this work about more: The message, or painting nude, hot fantasy girls in compromising situations? To me it seems you're more concerned with the latter, which isn't meant to be an insult. Just pointing out that you should think about the audience you're trying to reach. What do you want them to be thinking about, and what might distract from that?

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