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    Cavern environment

    Hi all! Environments aren't really my comfort zone, but I'm looking t o better at them. This is meant to be a limestone cave, with the figure in the foreground hiding from the cave giant further back in the image. I know the figure in the foreground isn't entirely accurate, but that wasn't my aim either. I really focused on making a composition that read clearly, and how to effectively use some texture to enforce depth too. If you have any critique on these topics, or if you see any other areas that I can improve on, I would really love to hear it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AppeltaartStudies View Post
    Environments aren't really my comfort zone, but I'm looking t o better at them.
    I know the feeling.

    But I'm a bit confused by the intent of this piece. Is it meant to be a purely environmental composition, or a narrative between the human and the giant? For better or worse, my eye goes straight to the giant first, and after wondering where it's head is, gets drawn down the waterfall to the hand and the club. Emphasises the inherent menace implied by the weapon, but I feel it's hampered by leaving the white of the waterfall, getting lost in the similar values of the rock face, and forming tangents and overlaps with the stalagmites.
    Then I get pulled to the right, along the bright line of the raised part of the stream, up to the light patch in the upper right corner, and my eye just kind of wanders off. I notice the foreground figure, though there's nothing much to draw my eye there. But it still feels as if the environment is secondary to it.

    Elements of the scene and composition remind me of the third image in this James Gurney post. Also this one - assuming you want to emphasise the figures.
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    Flip it horizontally. That would much improve the composition, for western viewers anyway. You'll have to redo your signature obviously, but oh well. Right now the whole image looks backwards.

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    Thanks for your feedback! It's greatly appreciated I tried encorporating your comments in the new image, trying to fix the compositional issues you pointed out. I darkened the corner that was distracting, increased the contrast on the giant's mace, and moved the figure a bit so that his silhouette reads better. I also flipped around my rays of light to point towards my figure in the foreground. I think my issues with intent stem from not having planned that out from the start very well; it started as an environment sketch and then only later did I tack on the narrative with the figure in the foreground. Does the image read better now?
    I also followed @David_a_ray 's advice to flip the image. Thanks!

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