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    With physical Disabilities, what are my choices for extending my education?

    First and foremost, I have to apologize for making a post that I know is very similar to what you guys have seen many times, but I'm honestly at a loss, and would really appreciate assistance on the matter.

    So, that said. I've been drawing seriously for about 2 years, mostly self-taught, and I would like to get some extended education. People have suggested SCAD, CalArts, and KCAD to me, and KCAD actually would be my top choice, but here's my issue: I have very little mobility. To tell all the details would take a while, but essentially, I cannot walk on my own at the moment, so I'm bound to a a chair, sadly, be it my office chair or my transport chair. Tether cord and CRPS, if anyone is curious. It's mostly a nerve damage and a muscle weakness issue. The bigger kicker is that insurance won't approve a powered chair for me, so even if a school was aptly handicap accessible, I couldn't really get myself around. Dorms would definitely not be an option; as much as I hate to admit it, there is just so much I can't do on my own - bathroom and shower requires assistance with transferring me and holding me up. And a traditional wheelchair wouldn't be an option either, as I can only use one of my hands - nerve damage. It's not an issue most of the time, but I can't exactly use it to move a wheel, which is why I just use a transport chair.

    With that in place, for extended education, my options are very slim. I've looked and looked for a good month, finding information, seeing what my options are, and RMCAD and the Academy of Art University are the only options for a Bachelor's degree in Illustration online. There are of course the Art Institutes, and the American Academy of Art, but I know for certain both of those have a much poorer reputation than RMCAD or the Academy of Art University. SCAD offers a MA in Illustration online, but not a Bachelors, sadly, otherwise I'd definitely pick them. But from what I've read here, and on other sites, I'm just concerned with both RMCAD and the Academy of Art University. I've read that RMCAD shares the same shareholders as Full Sail, which is putting me off on that. Additionally, neither of these schools offer portfolio review, they are both 100% acceptance, which makes me rather uncomfortable, as there should be some degree of standards.

    RMCAD, after searching on the forums, hasn't been talked about since around 2010, just when their management started shifting; so I don't know if that info is still applicable. I also don't know how much the Academy of Art University has changed, though I do know that the controllers of that school are still the same family that started it. I don't know much more.

    So, my question to you guys, then, would be... what do you suggest I do, given my situation? I'm 19, so I'm still rather young, and I don't want to wait too long on getting my education going. If I knew I'd be up and walking in a year, I'd wait, but I don't know if that will be the case. I'm in physical therapy, and my health has definitely improved, but I don't know if I'll be in shape in even a year to move about in a physical school. I just am scared of waiting *too* long for furthering my education. I'd honestly appreciate any insight or advice, as I'm really not sure what the best course of action is. Thank you.

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    I know this might not be what you are looking for right now, but have you considered Udemy courses and other online courses? There are plenty of those that can really boost your knowledge and give you a professional foundation.

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