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    Mutant Pokémon doodles.

    This is a design variant created by me of the Pokémon Ralts, info below:

    Codename: Bruiser Ralts
    Height: 1.20 m
    Weight: 40 kg
    Info: when a Ralts makes contact with The Waste, the first thing it's body does is sending it's immunologic system to the clouds, this making it's metabolism work at a supernatural rate (the connection between hasn't been specified). Increased metabolism means more growth, strength, and an avid hunger to sustain such energy and nurtures usage from the body. The Bruisers are not anymore lovable, mostly because they attack everything that moves. They, however, lose an insane amount of IQ, because the brain is not used as much than before, getting atrophiated. The intelligence lose can be the most dangerous part of the Bruisers, mostly because trying to talk or negotiate with them will lead to you being disemboweled, as they no more hear another thing than their stomachs.

    Codename: R- CLASS MUTO
    Height: 1.90m
    Weight: 15 kg
    Info: once The Bruisers had feasted enough to reach satisfaction, they will go through another metabolism increase. This time metamorphosising completely into a totally new abomination: these are deadly, cunning, stealthy hunters whose mind only is supported by their most primeval insctincts. Equipped with sharp, retractile claws, and a silent walk. These beasts are capable of outrunning a well athletic adult. They have a thick skin, wich acts similar as kevlar, absorbing a big part of incoming damage, but high caliber or power ammo is capable of piercing the skin and thin body of the creature. They are blind, their primary way to guide themselves is similar to the manta rays: their horns (now evolved for hunting) can sense the small electric charges of the nervous system of live beings, when they locate a prey, they switch to their secondary senses (powerful smell and accurate hearing) to search and attack it. They can crawl in the walls and ceilings. Their claws are sharp enough to pierce through heavy armor plates. If lonely they are a big danger, the "swarms" are deadly: the ralts react to a specific pheromon in a very violent way, triggering a frenzy. The most noticeable thing about the mutants is that they are typeless, and, if the affected pokemon has a trainer, they lose their personality, memories and bond with the trainer, seeing him/she only as a snack. They primarily attack the neck and surroundings, due to the high amount of flesh, muscle and blood in that part of the human anatomy.

    This is a very simple, but clever drawing about all above, I hope you like the idea and concept, also: tell me what you think if you want!

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    We wanna see images not wall of text, its plus if there is description but without visuals it doesn't mean anything in here

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    Sorry, i didn't knew how to upload images at that moment, ˇI'm going to fix it right now!

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