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    Cow Western Cowboy & his Dog - pencil sketch & line-art needed.

    I am look for an artist who works with pencil sketches or line-art drawings. Sketch or drawings must be very clean with sharp edges. My budget & total cost is $200.00. Reason is because I have to convert from sketch or line-art to ai. vector format once the job is completed. The sketch or line-art is to have lots of gradients effect for realism.

    I need a small piece of artwork of an old western cowboy & his dog back in the early 18th century. The cowboy is to be wearing his old cowboy hat caring a large part of beef from a cow already cut up into 1 very large piece that you see in your attachment file caring on his left-shoulder using his left arm only to hold on to the beef you are to create.

    Jeans he is wearing is to look old and worn out & wrinkly & somewhat saggy with his shirt looking the same way but tucked into his jeans & belt he is wearing. He is to be caring his six shooter in a holster hanging downward from his belt with a leather string strapped & tied around his right leg to hold in place showing a bit of a leather strip hanging from his tied knot for strapping his holster to his right leg.

    His dog will be an Australian blue cattle dog on his right-side of him being a few feet away walking along with his cowboy master. The dog image I want you to use is also in your attachment file.

    As for the background image, you are to have just the surrounding of the cowboy & his dog with some distant from his master in an awkward an uneven 360 degree of the ground. All there is to be on the ground is an old western looks that is nothing but dried up tumbleweed & specs of dried up grass like being out in the pasture. I want the ground the cowboy & his dog is walking on to be just a bit tiny upward slant of hill sort speak but not much so this way you're seeing the cowboy working hard caring his very large beef over his left-side shoulder using his left arm only.

    There will be no picture frame. But the imaginary picture frame of the overall artwork when completed you are to see fitting nicely into a 10" 1/2 x 13" frame is the size of the artwork dimension you are to use.

    Now for the view of the artwork image looking at the cowboy & his dog is to be from the right-side of the cowboy & dog standing back a little. In your attachment file you'll see that I have an idea of you imagining you're the photographer and I am showing you where you will be standing to see the artwork image I want you to see and create for me from the standing position of the cowboy & dog you see I have in your attachment file.

    Email: GRGibson500 @ aol .com
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