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    Should I Continue to Work With Clay?/Does it Fit my Genre?

    Hello Conceptart community,
    About four months ago, I released a video on youtube about deconstructing my first project on the channel from 01 March 2017, when I created the channel. With my first channel "birthday" coming up, I released a video of something a little different than the majority of my videos. The main differences are that it is static, made out of clay, and is leaning far closer to "pure art" than the rest of my videos. It was also a collaboration with a classmate for a school project in 8th grade. I know that I have not been very active on this community, and probably do not deserve a huge amount of participation on your part, but I want your thoughts on what direction I should bring my channel in. I could go more "arty" or I go back to my standard. Conceptart greatly helped me get my rocky start of youtube, and while I am still a small channel, I have crossed far more barriers than I ever envisioned 11 months ago. So in conclusion, here is my question to you is: what direction do you think my youtube channel should go in?

    Thank you!

    Here is my latest video:

    Here is the video description:

    "This clay hippo, named TuTu, was forged in an high school art class with a fellow student. I helped make the form, but the student that helped me did most of the molding. To balance out the workload, I picked out the eye-catching blue glaze color, and painted it on myself. The hippo form was pinched by hand out of Stoneware 182, fired at 850 oF for 12 hours, glazed, and fired again. The hole in the back of the hippo, conveniently placed where hippos normally have holes (if you catch my drift), is there to keep TuTu from exploding in the kiln."

    Here is the link to my youtube channel:

    Here is the link to a playlist of all my videos:
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    but I want your thoughts on what direction I should bring my channel in.
    It's your channel so you make the call on the direction you want.

    If you are crowd sourcing for a purpose for your channel then perhaps you need to step back and determine if you have the gumption/stones to make a decision and follow it through or not.
    My commentary is a gift to you.

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