Hi there,
I am a new user on here but just to be clear this is Definitely a legitimate post and not a spam of any kind. I will be monitoring this thread to answer questions.
A group of about 20 individuals (programmers, blockchain exerts, software engineers, technical writers, and CEOS) are launching a new cryptocurrency: SafeCoin.
You guess it…the theme is Safety (which is a key problem to solve in cryptocurrency).
We are low on ONE thing: Graphic design. (although we do have one very good one)
For this purpose we are holding a Logo Contest, and awarding 2000 SAFE coins to the winner, as well as 2nd place and 3rd place prizes.
In addition, 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place design winners will be given opportunities to fill remaining positions on our team, which may likely be more valuable than the award. And to be honest, is the true purpose of the contest.

The award itself is unusually generous for logo contests in crypto, thus coming on here. I won’t post links to other forums but this coin, not yet listed, is expected my most experts to have a high valuation and believe this 2000 SAFE Will be real money (even if you dump it at the beginning to get yourself a nice computer or something).
More information is available on Discord (I will refrain from other links as I am a brand new user on here ) https://discord.gg/EkXGdw6.