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    Neogenesis- Composition 1.1

    1. Francis Jones 30mins

    I chose this particular painting because i love waterscapes and reflections. In this painting, there are many things that Francis does that really inspire me. There is a rhythm to the way the lights interplay with the shadows. There is a rhythm to how he uses the brushstrokes to render the foilage as well. We also find a wavy rhythm in the calm waters caused by the reflections of the surrounding objects. In the case of emphasis, Francis uses values to draw our eyes to the subject matter of this particular painting, that is the two women in the boat. He reserves the lightest values for the two women and surrounds them with large swathes of dark value.

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    2. Francis Jones 30mins
    I really admire this painting due to the lighting. The painter's clear separation of the areas of shadow and the areas of light really gave the piece a sense of depth and atmosphere. In this piece also Francis effectively uses values to show what interests him the most, the reclining woman. He uses the dark shadows to frame the figure of the woman and his use of gentle flowy curves on the woman accentuates her femininity and her softness. On the subject of economy, Francis blocks out the major masses of tone in large unbroken brush strokes. On the subject of balance, Francis maintains equilibrium in his lighting by surrounding the bright spots of light tones with generous amounts of dark and middle tone values.
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