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    Change Lumosity(Value) Using Numeric Keys In Photohop

    I was watching 'Design Cinema - EP 34 - Photoshop & Wacom Basics Part 02' and FZD mentions that you can quickly change the value(Brightness or luminosity in photoshop) by using numeric keys. I know depending on wither airbrush is on the 'numeric keys' or 'numeric keys + Shift' will change the opacity or flow from 1 to 100%. I want to keep opacity at 100%, but change the hue's brightness(value) quickly.

    I've been using the color picker and predefined values I painted in a mock table, but this would be a lot faster for my work environment if I could just use shortcut keys.

    I looked at the large threads in this side of the forum but didn't see anything pertaining for it-haven't had time to go through almost 200 forum pages tho. Google has not been any help either as 'value,' and 'brightness' are not used often to describe this feature.

    The object is to paint like I'm using gouache with a hard, round brush and just change the value of the hue using the shortcut keys.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    The brightness slider in photoshop is not a value slider(it pertains to the brightness of light and not the value of color-if you check the brightness of a saturated yellow and a saturated red it is the same as apposed to their respective values)
    the lightness slider in the lab color settings is closer to what the true value is.
    I made these swatches a while back that have the correct value to chroma ratio that cycle with two keys,I binded switching the swatches with actions and a program called autohotkey.
    you might be able able to do something similar using the combination of actions and autohotkey(though I tried and had no success changing just the lightness).

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    That's good to know the brightness wasn't value. Ok. I'll keep it in mind and probably come back your swatches in the future. Thank you.

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    You can try new MagicPicker 6.0! It allows you to adjust brightness, hue, even color temperature with keys in Adobe Photoshop.
    I'm the author of the Photoshop color wheel called MagicPicker and other extension panels, such as MixColors, Photoshop color mixer and font viewer for Adobe Creative Suite for digital artists and designers.
    Free updates and free 24/7 support for all my products as my thankful contribution to the community.

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