Hey everyone, I've noticed a lot of people in the art community have been pretty excited by DnD lately (myself included) so decided to create a character and trying painting him Dragonborn Bard (D&D)

Anyway, this is 'Faeraxx', my Dragonborn Bard. He's something an oral historian who gets extremely excited about collecting myths and telling tales. Though he tends to lack someknowledge regarding personal space and can seem quite over enthusiastic about meeting others. He summons a spectral tail whenever he sings his songs, however, he doesn't have lips though, so has to toot his instrument in his nostrils.

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This was actually made using a more traditional approach of just painting on one or two layers and fixing the painting by just painting on top. Typically, I segment off most items and paint them on their own layers, but I've been trying to give my work a less 'digital' look. Please let me know how you think it went!