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    With the current US Government shut down I had a few thoughts. One is, this is over the budget. Now, we collect taxes on most everything and the feds have an account of what is in their banks. The budget has been the same for years and they idea that there is more needed is one the people should know about. If the nation would publish its own accounting book, meaning tells the people which services get which amount, maybe the people would know what they are paying for and what is need from the people. The states have their own system of collecting moneys and they appropriate those funds in programs the states see fit. With all this in mind, why is the government having to shut down do to the efforts of approving which moneys go where. The organizations need so much and then the little extra for "just in case shit" and that is how it is to be. I do not have all the information but I do have enough to say that we the people, not just those elected, should have a say in what is happening. This situation is effecting more than just those sitting on the high horse in Congress.

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    The "in case of shit" keeps getting bigger and bigger. You have a chance to have a say every time you vote, if you don't, you can't complain.

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