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    Scifi Corridor 3D - Luke Wilkins

    Latest project, a scifi corridor. Using 3D tools to conceptualize some kind of abandoned starship interior.

    Luke Wilkins 3D
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    Hi Luke,

    Welcome! This is an interesting and eclectic interpretation of a sci fi corridor, looks to be inside of a stationary aircraft of some kind. I can't tell if the sides are integrated sinks or hygienic platforms, or if this really is a traditional hallway. The floor's design and the mangled looking pipes/hoses suggest this place isn't hospitable for people who enjoy exploring every area on foot, as there could be areas where they could snag their feet or get them caught in between various crevices and gaps. I think this piece suggests, in terms of mood, that this space isn't hospitable, although it may have been at one instance in time. The sleek glass separation barriers between the seats/control panels, and the high tech looking machinery on the overhanging underbelly of pipes, electrical ceiling area reinforce the sense that it was once a nice place to be, without risk of hazard or injury. I think it's a cool design! I think you could be more 'committed' so to speak about the pipes/hoses on the ceiling and on the floor, which are items that are both littered about this space but also clearly part of the overall mechanical working; some indication of what role the hoses play and why they are strewn or lying on the ground might be interesting to see - perhaps there's a gaping 'wound' in the details where an explosion happened, an overheated area, or perhaps a water leak that got out of control?

    Hope any of these comments are useful, thanks for sharing this finished work.

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