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    Is there a way to turn used sketch paper into 'new' paper or just something to use?

    One of my biggest paralysis when doing traditional art is my thousands of papers and dozens of sketchbook that lay dormant in my closet in shame. Seeing my old art is more of a punch in the gut than a motivator to keep going forward, because my art is still the same, and, in fact, worse.

    Examples from a 1-4 year time period: Name:  IMG_20180115_160254638_2 (1).jpg
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Size:  124.6 KB Name:  IMG_20180115_160435606_2.jpg
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    (keep your eyes peeled on those hands!)

    Examples of my art now: Name:  side view, chicken scratchy lines.PNG
Views: 1412
Size:  200.8 KB
    Name:  anatomy practice without ref.png
Views: 1389
Size:  469.9 KB an anatomy trace over

    Name:  more mannequin.jpg
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    Name:  hands 1.jpg
Views: 1367
Size:  105.3 KB (A hand study, I was even going for a realistic study.)

    It's like i'm just wasting paper. I can't even justify this garbage with the idea of novice'ness and that i'll get better because it's been over 5 years and my art still looks like the papers. The skill level improvement theory seems laughable to me at this point. I don't even want to draw anymore, because I hate that it's so terrible and it's not getting better. Sometimes i'll even cry about it because i'm really trying to 'get' it.

    I just want to get rid of them. Is there a way to make something out of them? I just don't want to shred them, I want to make new materials, like clay or new paper, or something. I'm not sure. Advice needed. Thank you.

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    Your first 1000 drawings will suck. Make sure you do these and continue practice.
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    Paper planes.

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    Crumple it and use it for target practice.
    I would suggest you to start sketchbook here so people can give you pointers what to do and so on ..

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    How much time did you practice in those 4 years? Also, you need to have focus. Try to draw 100 hands (but try your best, not just in under 1 min) and you will see improvement. Take a look at constructional drawing and try to break down an object into simple shapes. Draw them in proper perspective and then add defining details.

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