Hey everyone!

I learned about this site through CGTalk.com, and have spent a good deal of time admiring the artwork from afar. Currently I'm a student, and haven't had a whole lot of time to do artwork that appeals to me or the ideals of this board, so I only just registered here. However, recent developements have given me a great reason to start up an account and get to know the people here.

My name is Owen Hunter, and I am an illustration major at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. I have recently been tasked with interviewing a professional/career illustrator for one of my classes. And though there are plenty of local illustrators in Philly, this site is essentially a gold mine of illustrators that have succeeded in the career that interests me the most. Though there are a lot of different paths in illustration I would enjoy taking, past experience and the art on this board basically paints a giant red arrow pointing towards the field of concept art.

So, in an effort to pass this semester, and also learn a good deal about my chosen field, I'd like to extend an open invitation to any professional who frequents this board. If, some time over the next few days, you could give up a little of your time so that I could conduct an interview by whatever method you prefer, I would be thrilled. It would all be very informal, and a great way for me to learn about concept art illustration as a career.

All I need is a reply, along with a link and/or explanation of your body of work (an online gallery would be great - I need to have something to show the class) if you are interested. To anyone who would be willing, please feel free to reply on this thread, or contact me by email at:


Thanks all, and I hope to make a name for myself here, eventually,
Owen Hunter