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    What college/atelier should I go to considering my scenario & artistic goals?

    My ultimate goal is to become a great 2d animator.

    And I know to achieve that goal I'm likely going to need to be great at drawing. Though as of right now I'm entirely self-taught and it's discernible that I am no professional draftsman. SOOOO I was wondering what type of drawing instruction you guys think I should get (considering that I ultimately want to be a 2D animator) and where should I get that drawing instruction? (As I'd like to go to a school/atelier).

    Please keep in mind that:
    1. I only have an education budget of $12,000 per year (my food and shelter will be provided for wherever I go)
    2. I currently live in Florida though I'm willing to travel if necessary
    3. And that I'd like to learn how to DRAW well as quickly as possible (with the ultimate goal of becoming a 2D animator)

    I know that different institutions and different teachers teach different methods of drawing and I was just wondering which method I should learn, and which institution I should go to (considering my goals).

    All advice you guys could give me would be greatly appreciated.

    P.S. :: Please don't advise me to teach myself or just to learn online because I don't do that very effectively. Thanks!

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    Take a look at this list. I know it was posted a few years ago, so the costs are even more ridiculous now, but maybe you'll find it helpful. My personal advice is to stay local, and don't overlook city/state colleges as an option. Also, know that wherever you go, there will be at least some self learning required. Teachers, even the most amazing ones, can only point you in the right direction. It really falls on you to sit down with the material and really learn it. I know people say showing up is 90% of the process or something silly like that, but it really isn't that simple.

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