I'm currently available for work. My main base is still deviantart so please bear with all my links going there.

Here'y my USD Price Guide: https://syvaender.deviantart.com/jou...-USD-227632223
Here's my Euro Price Guide: https://syvaender.deviantart.com/jou...Euro-234874074

These are my Terms of Service, please make sure to read as you automatically agree to them when purchasing art from me: https://syvaender.deviantart.com/jou...vice-232758099

My Price Guides have examples of my artworks already but here's my most active gallery: https://syvaender.deviantart.com/gal...-Illustrations
Here's almost all of my previously commissioned work: https://syvaender.deviantart.com/gal...02/Commissions

My focus is creature art of fantasy creatures such as dragons and griphons. I can work with anthromorphic characters as well.
Feel free to contact me even if you've got something on your mind that is not covered in my Price Guides. I can do commissions by hourly pay as well.

Contact: saskia.simander@googlemail.com