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    A loaded question about going back to college

    I'm finishing my Bachelor of Science in Digital Media but I want to expand my knowledge on visual effects. I would like to either attend Gnomon in Cali or Attend a State college with an MFA in visual effects. I face many challenges right now though. First being that I need to spend a little time after college expanding my portfolio with some good work to put in an application. The other challenge is money (of course). Me nor my family are rich in any way. I've been fortunate so far through financial aid not having to spend a dime on school which has been wonderful, but I am concerned I won't be able to find proper scholarships or save enough to attend. So here are some of my questions:

    What is the best way of going about finding scholarships for art school especially graduate degrees?

    If I were to even attend would paying off loans even be worth the time for a place like Gnomon or for an MFA?

    Should I just study online and continue to enhance my skills and save myself the trouble or should I go back to school and make more connections and learn more skills?

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    Scholarships for art school are almost always merit based. If your work is good enough, they might just give you some money, but I really doubt it will be anything significant. You will have to be able to pay for most of it or be able to take out massive loans. If money is going to be a big issue, I would go to the state college (assuming the MFA in Visual Effects is a good program). An MFA will still be expensive, but for in-state tuition, it's going to be a steal compared to Gnomon. For visual effects, yeah, Gnomon is the best and all, but the price is absurd imo. 80K for a 2 year program is really have to take a pause and think about it. That's not even considering rent and living costs. As someone who lives in LA, I can assure you that those costs actually are as unreasonable as everyone says. I've dreamed of Gnomon at some point too, and if I had the means, I would absolutely do it because they boast some really impressive employment statistics for their graduates. I like how they are uniquely focused on 3D production, and it's very hard to find a comparable school like that even in the LA area. But alas, that's for rich people, and that I am not. lol. Anyway, I would go with the state school.

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