Hello sculptors.

I've recently uploaded a 6+ hour sculpting class to Gumroad. In this class, I take you through my process of creating a 6th scale character in Chavant clay. Learn along with me from the comfort of your own home.


The class covers:
Tools and materials.
Armature building
Blocking out basic forms
Refining forms

From start to finish, guided tuition, no time-lapse.

This is my very first class, and I'm in the process of editing the sequel in which I paint the character.

This class would be perfect for someone who wants to get started in sculpture, as well as people who want to learn new tricks and techniques. Absolute beginners welcome.

The class is 48$, which includes 16 chapters, run time is over 6 hours. All HD video. For this price you are able to download and keep the class forever.

All the money I make from this class will be used to upgrade my equipment and buy new materials so I can continue to make more.

Thanks for looking, any questions please just ask!