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    Some Portrait Paintings

    Here're some portrait paintings, for free to give me any comments and critiques. And welcome to take a look my works at my website:

    Name:  Photo May 09, 3 00 19 PM.jpg
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    Name:  Photo Aug 27, 10 39 20 PM.jpg
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    Name:  Photo Apr 25, 2 48 09 PM.jpg
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    Name:  Photo Oct 17, 1 30 29 PM.jpg
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    Name:  Photo Oct 17, 3 45 59 PM.jpg
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    I really like your stuff! And on your artstation your digital stuff has some really cool and creative compositions.

    I have two main thoughts on these really.

    First of all, I feel like you are covering some of your mistakes a little bit in this loose style. I want to use the monochromatic portrait of the woman as an example. Because there are so many stray brush marks, you get away with things not being very specific. Like her top lip is a little far to the left, the forms of the eye sockets and chin are pretty general (nose looks great, though).

    I know that painting thinly like this is really easy to get out of control, but don't let a lack of control of your material determine how you paint. You need to be more decisive, and think in bigger forms. Here I painted over it a little and it's still a loose style, but with broadened masses, and flatter shadows.

    You tend to put a lot of little brush marks in the shadows which don't really communicate much about the form.
    I also recommend thinner paint in dark areas because thick paint ridges catch light, which makes the shadows seem noisy and kind of distracting when you display your paintings. When thick paint is used in the lit areas it adds to the effect of light, but when it's used in shadows it tends to take it away. That's up to you, though.

    The other things, is I'm kind of curious about the surface you're working on. The canvas texture really shows through a lot through the paint and I'm wondering if either you're using a really rough canvas, or you are painting really thinly. The second image looks like unprimed canvas. The last three painting look like the surface is working better for what you're doing.

    I'm no master, so you can take all this with a grain of salt. But I hope it's helpful.
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    Hi Joe, I really appreciate your advice! The monochromatic portrait was a very quick study which I was trying to capture her feature and to buildup the form as soon as possible. So there are so many stray and rough brushworks left over due to my current capacity, and which also created the kind of loosestyle I think. But as what you said, I should refine those unspecific areas cause it’s much better to keep loose but also accurate!

    And thank you for spending your time to help me to refine my work! It’s very helpful!

    To answer you question about my canvas, I think those canvas textures show through a lot that because of I painted really thinly for those areas. Again, thank you for you comments!

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