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    Beginner seeking advice on better practice


    First of all, allow me to introduce myself. You can call me Uncia, and I am a terrible, terrible artist.
    This is not due to some horrible excuse about lack of talent or whatever - I have long wanted to and attempted to draw, but feel I am lacking progress due to a) insufficient hours and b) not practicing the right things. My preferred tool is pencil and paper, though I have been dabbling in the digital as well, and worked a bit with charcoal and paint in a few courses.

    As such, I am looking for some basic guidance, so as to not just pour hours into attempting to draw the same things over and over again without learning much from it.

    My goals: I am under no illusions that I should become a professional or anything to that level. What I really want is to be able to draw and paint characters that have accumulated in my head over the last several decades of creative hobbies. It won't be quick. It won't be easy. But that is my goal - a focus on characters/creatures, character design, costumes and eventually backgrounds.

    My current level: I am been practicing for a few years, including taking the occasional short course, but feel like I am not progressing. I am having trouble putting my finger on why, however.

    As I am sure any of you could tell me, there are a metric butt-ton of techniques and skills I need to learn and practice to do this... and therein kind of lies my problem. Where do I start, in order to practice wisely and make (small yet noticeable) progress so as to easier keep myself motivated?

    I have read that it is probably wise to completely ignore painting until I have mastered drawing/sketching to a solid and reliable level, including composition, anatomy and so forth, which I can definitely understand (but do tell me if you disagree and think that the skills could be developed in tandem). It appears to wise to consider a line of shape->value->colour if nothing else. Not to mention that all the pretty painting techniques in the world won't help fix a piece full of errors in proportion and anatomy.

    Long story short, I wish to practice not just harder, but wiser so as to apply myself the best way possible and not waste the hours I put in. I'm not looking for any kind of magic bullet or quick fix - I am well aware that I'm not going to learn this without putting hundreds of hours of hard work in.

    Any advice you can give would be most appreciated.

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    Thank you! I hadn't seen this particular course before... I'll definitely give it a shot to see if I can make my fundamentals improve.

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