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    Gabe_Athouse - Composition 1.1

    So, here's the start of my homework, I will post as I go through them.

    Name:  Comp1.1_001.png
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    1. Portrait of Countess Michael Karolyi by John Quincy Adams.

    Rhythm: The folds in the curtain, coat, and the patterns on the chair.

    Continuity: From the right upper corner the lines from the pulled curtain draw focus to the hand, and then continues to the face. From the left bottom corner it draws focus into the leg of the chair and continues either up the chair or the fold in the curtain, into the arm, and once again into the face.

    Balance: The pulled curtain and chair's legs, contrast between between the bottom right corner and the upper left corner of the painting, dividing it right down the middle between light and dark.

    Economy: Curtains, floor. Not much to see here, and draws focus into the other elements of the painting.

    Variety: Different textures on the coat, curtains, and the patterns in the upholstery

    Repetition: Patterns in the upholstery.

    Name:  Comp1.1_002.jpg
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    2. "Woman with a Pearl" - Jean-Francois Millet

    Don't ask me where the pearl is. I assume it's that thing on her forehead.

    The values on these piece are interesting, since the brightest spot in the painting is the chest. Is that the main focus of the piece, or is it there to draw focus to the chest and then the face. There's variety in the textures and values or her clothing.

    Name:  Comp1.1_003.png
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    3. "Old Man in Military Costume" - Rembrandt

    I found the face of the subject to be very interesting. I had a hard time capturing how distinct it looks. Good use of color economy in the background, emphasizing the center of the piece. There's a variety of textures and surfaces, the metal plate and feather being the most interesting of the two giving a good balance to the piece and converging on the interesting part, the face.

    Name:  Comp1.1_004.png
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    4. "The Artist's Wife and His Setter Dog" - Thomas Eakins

    I liked how the focus flows from the woman to the dog and vice versa.

    Name:  Comp1.1_005.png
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Size:  435.1 KB

    5. "Doubting Thomas" - Caravaggio

    Saw this on the video, and it was so interesting that I just had to paint it. I love the contrast of the piece, and the rythm inthe folds of Jesus' robe.

    Name:  Comp1.1_006.png
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Size:  311.0 KB

    6. "Girl with a Pearl Earring" - Johannes Vermeer

    Love the eyes and how they lead you to the pearl, down the collar and into the lips.

    Name:  Comp1.1_007.png
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Size:  278.2 KB

    7. "The Biglin Brothers Turning the Stake-Boat" - Eakins

    I like how the values lead you from boat to boat and into the steamboat at the dock.
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    Name:  Comp1.1_008.png
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    8. The Man with the Golden Helmet - Rembrandt

    For this piece you can clearly see Rembrandt was leading your eyes to the helmet. Everything else appears blurry.

    Name:  Comp1.1_009.png
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Size:  380.0 KB

    9. In salon of rue des Moulins - Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

    I like the continuity in this piece, as you see a triangular composition between the 5 sitting ladies.

    Name:  Comp1.1_010.jpg
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Size:  78.3 KB

    10. God Speed - Edmund Blair Leighton

    I like the variety of shapes and textures on this piece. The rhythm in the masonry.
    Name:  Comp1.1_011.png
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Size:  300.9 KB

    11. Morning after a Stormy Night - Johan Christian Dahl

    I like the continuity in values from the clearing in the sky to the white of the crashing waves, leading into the person sitting on the rock.

    Name:  Comp1.1_012.png
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Size:  310.9 KB

    12. The Burial of Atala - Girodet

    Nice balance in contrast between the left bottom corner and the top right corner. The focus is clearly on the dead woman, and secondary on the cross in the background.
    Name:  Comp1.1_013.png
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Size:  218.0 KB

    13. Sailing - Thomas Eakins

    I like the balance of this piece, creating contrast with the empty area on the top right corner as opposed to the busy half. Nice color economy.

    Name:  Comp1.1_014.png
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Size:  362.8 KB

    14. The Artist's Son Titus - Rembrandt

    Primary focus the man's face and nose. Secondary focus the chain.
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    Name:  Comp1.1_015.jpg
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    15, Phryne Before the Areopagus - Jean-Leon Gerome

    This picture was a mistake, but i tried. Primary focus on the naked woman, leading your eye to the sitting men and their interesting reactions.

    Name:  Comp1.1_016.png
Views: 850
Size:  196.0 KB

    16. Montague Flagg, The Wanderer - Thomas Eakins

    Great use of economy. Primary focus is on the head, and that's about it. Nice values on the forehead.

    Name:  Comp1.1_017.png
Views: 846
Size:  312.2 KB

    17. Swimming - Thomas Eakins

    Look at the rhythm in those rocks. Hmmmm.... so good. The rhythm of the nudes is also interesting, as it almost looks like the frames of a moving picture.

    Name:  Comp1.1_018_.png
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Size:  371.2 KB

    18. Pollice Verso - Jean-Leon Gerome

    Primary focus on the gladiator appealing to the crowd. The hand of the gladiator pleading leads you to the secondary focus, the blood thirsty crowd.. I like pantings about gladiators.

    Name:  Comp1.1_019.png
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Size:  369.3 KB

    19. A bigger splash - David Hockney

    It is called A bigger splash, so clearly the emphasis is on the splash. It gives a good contrast to the the rest of the painting which consists of mostly angular shapes. Nice rhythm with those angular shapes.

    Name:  Comp1.1_020_.png
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Size:  298.4 KB

    20. Wrestlers - Thomas Eakins

    Lovely rhythm on those muscles and the values in their physique.
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    Merging Posts with properly resized image files

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    Merging Posts with properly resized image files
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