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    Quote Originally Posted by briannahjkelley View Post
    I'm going to stop recommending ConceptArt.
    Eh, no one recommends this broken graveyard of a website, so it doesn't make a difference.

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    How long did it take to finish it? No offense but it's not really my cup of tea. It's just a couple of squares and thats it, anyone could create that within a couple seconds. I never understood the stories behind them. Like I mean it's just a square or a couple shapes right? There was a guy in town who had an art workshop here, and one day he invited some artists. And they displayed their artworks, it was similar to yours. No offense but it's kinda funny because anyone could do it without any training or practice.

    I liked the last two because they look like boobs, especially the first one it looks like a boob of a pregnant woman ... someone is thirsty... milky milky time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by briannahjkelley View Post
    I actually just asked that my account be deleted, so this is it for me on here.
    You probably haven't seen this thread:

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    To digress for a moment since the OP is not coming back, but when did the onus on handling criticism shift from the creator to other folk providing feedback? That other opinions must be censored or framed in a package such as not to offend the OP in any fashion, instead of OP being a human adult and understanding not everyone approaches something the same way or communicates in the same fashion.

    I mean what's the worst that got batted around? The word "pretentious"? Ooooh. Super duper vicious. Come on.. that's fairly banal and - what I can only guess - an accurate point of view from blackspot frame of reference.

    The OP then fires back all heated.. flips out, describes things as "angry", and then throws in a healthy dose of "Eekghads! How dare an admin express opinion on.. *breathlessly* ART!?". As if any interaction must be with kid gloves, and anyone with a title must censor opionions least someone becomes offended.

    It wouldn't have stuck in my craw if the OP just would have taken the criticsm like an adult and thought about acting on it or not. Instead she throws it back at the masses in a vitrol shot telling them to regulate *THEIR* opinions and thoughts because anything that conflicts with the sunshine and rainbows shooting out of their asses is a massvie affront to the OP.

    She continues that the commentary _distressed_ the OP. Okay - conflicting view points, or modes of communication, can do that. Embrace it like an adult. Perhaps, reframing how to view the art you made through other's eyes, but naw - why do that? How about instead the OP tries to shame those with opinions and thoughts differently than her own.

    In short - being able to handle criticism is on you, and trying to shift it to everyone else with a temperatunrum is a poor strategy in life.

    Life is conflict; without conflict there is no growth.

    Some new project designs...
    My commentary is a gift to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by InfernoKing View Post
    with a heap of Lot's wife.

    Bwahaha! Too soon!

    Briannah: I'm sorry you feel that way. Your responses made me think a lot about about how to view abstract art. And I've realized that all art is to some extent abstract. It's the abstract qualities that give all great art its power. However, every artistic medium is limited in its range of expression, which is why artistic media are so often combined. Music can communicate nothing about specific events and characters which is why it is so often combined with poetry: singing.

    Mondrian, whom I admire, knew this. Which is why he wrote a play explaining his ideas about art. Yet you don't need to read it to get a sense of what De Stijl is all about, or enjoy his work.

    Abstract art is weak at communicating narrative. And while context enriches the experience of any work of art, you are needing to explain your ideas with english, instead of with art. To me this is a problem. I get the sense that you want your viewers to go and do some reading, which is fine. But I just thought I'd explain my opinion on the matter which is: art should speak for itself.

    The idea for Ex Nihilo actually works pretty well by this standard. It's something out of nothing. There's a something and there's a nothing. I like that it's not defined which is which.
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    You have taken everything too personally. Your thread was not about me, but I will address some of the points you raised in the two emails you sent.

    Jules, I looked at your website and I have to tell you that I’m deeply annoyed with what I saw. I don’t do figuration, I do abstraction. You don’t do abstraction, you do figuration. Each are vastly different games to be played; on top of that, our artistic goals are not even the same. There are already people who’ve done figuration perfectly. They’ve concentrated the ethereal into one space, and I want to do that—just abstractly. I’m not looking to paint like you, or appreciate art the way you do, or produce in a way that you (a member of my audience) approve of. Know your place, or leave me alone.
    Yes, this place is figurative, but it doesn't mean that we don't appreciate abstract work, as it is after all, the basis for all composition. However, we like members to be able to show some craftsmanship beforehand. And for your information, I do occasionally delve into the abstract.

    My art is the hill I’ve chosen to die on, so I will defend it no matter the consequence.

    I know it hurts when your work is pulled apart - pretty well everyone here has suffered that at one stage or another, including me. You need to grow a thicker skin, or you'll drown in self pity. You either accept critique, don't or choose which parts you do, either way, it is your choice. Here we can vocalise our thoughts as much as we wish, but it's up to you what you take away from it. Please remember, this forum is about improving and growing as an artist. No one is above critique and that includes professional artists. We are here to help, but you have to want to improve.

    P.S.—In your ConceptArt biography, you say that you’re there to improve (your) drawing skills. So, as a student, why do you offer so much unsolicited advice?

    Everyone here, regardless of ability, is expected to learn to critique – it's how we all grow as artists together. Currently, all the posts you have made, have been about you. BTW, I hadn't updated my biography since I joined over 9 years ago as I tend not to look at my profile much.

    You’ve welcomed feedback, so I’m going to give you mine.
    Your about section: one of your interests is ‘capturing the essence of a fleeting moment.’ That doesn’t really make sense—you can’t reanimate a dead person, just as you can’t breathe life into the past. Even more, Albert Einstein proved that the past, present, and future all occur simultaneously. All you can do is work with what remains in this moment, and this moment, and this moment. Then you carve something out of your experience of it, which in turn becomes part of the past; a fleeting moment. A Jewish-Brazilian author named Clarice Lispector once wrote: “Are objects halted time?” It’s a captivating question. I recommend you read her Agua Víva. You might like it.

    Can you capture the essence of fleeting, itself? Or illustrate the progression of time?

    You wrote all that critiquing my words? Nothing about my art? Your priorities are wrong and it shows. Now go draw. I have wasted too much of my art time on you.

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