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    Gizmok - Composition 1.1

    Hi there!

    Already started this, but I'll continue to post here for now.

    1. The Indian Lance by N. C. Wyeth

    Name:  Master 1 - Final forum.jpg
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    I really like the way the riders face is full of dark, but stands out because it's framed with light values, like the spots on the horse or the headpiece, and because of the level of detail on his face.
    There is also a lovely sense of action, which comes from the way the horse's legs, the guy's leg and arm work as a bit of a rythmn and movement pointing forwards and a bit down.
    The eye on the horse also seems to be larger than it should be, which really captures some extra expression in it's face.

    2. Arabs Crossing the Desert by Gerome

    Name:  Master 2 - Final Forum.jpg
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    I chose this one for it's lovely sense of openness and atmosphere.

    The guy in front has a lot of contrast that really makes him stand out, with the dark vest and bright white turban and all.
    The white horse is really brought forward mostly by being framed with small, very dark pieces like her mane.
    Economy is seen with the people in the background.
    I think the two people that are a bit darker, and ahead of the large group are there to break the otherwise a little too stiff line of people, and the guy on the camel there for them to be read as proper desert people.
    I find there's some nice rythmn in the horse legs here as well.

    3. What Freedom! by Repin
    Name:  Master 3 - Final forum.jpg
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    I really love the sense of movement in the waves here, and the way the two characters are expressed so simply through their posture.

    There's some nice repetition in the lightly coloured wave tops going from the top right corner and down diagonally through the piece. Great rythm too in the waves in the background and horizontally through the piece starting with the large white wave top, through the two bumps of waves at the characters to the round water thing (which I am actually not sure what is).

    I think I need to work on my proportions.
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    Here are the next three:

    4. The House in the Woods by Bierstadt:
    Name:  Master 4 - Final forum.jpg
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    This felt very nicely peaceful to do.

    There's some rhythm in the light in the dark foreground, and the tree's brances, and some nice repetition in the way the trees/bushes behind the house are done. Also some economy at the bushes and plants at the very front.
    Emphasis is on that open bright distance, and the little house. There's a lot of variety in the vegetation.
    It also has a very nice continuity in the path and the brances that lead your eyes around.

    For the next I decided I wanted to be a little patriotic and found a piece by a famous danish painter:

    5. Hip Hip Hurra! Kunstnerfest på Skagen by Krøyer (Hip hip Hurrah! in english, I think).
    Name:  Master 5 - Final forum.jpg
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    I spent longer than I should have on this - about 2 hours.

    There's something interesting in how the left side is more economical in values, and the right very heavy on lights and dark here.
    The focuses are the arms of the men in the middle of the a cheers, the white lady and the little girl, and lastly the lady at the end.
    Rhythm is found in arms and in the heads of the four people on the right side, and some repetition is found in the men's heads and the wine bottles - especially on the left side.
    There's some variety in all the things found on the table, and in all the different positions of the people at the table.

    The table adds to the movement of the piece as well, with how it's placed.

    6. Saddle Bazaar by Gerome
    Name:  Master 6 - Final forum.jpg
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    In this one there's some variety in all the things near the shop, and emphasis is on the horse, and the interaction between the two men/the guy close to the horse (though I don't think I captured this very well in mine).
    The white horse also really points you to look at those two characters.
    There's also some clear economy in the background compared to the shop.

    I still think I need to work some on those proportions.

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