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    wingedwolf94's Short Animations

    I'm by no means a pro animator, I mostly do frame by frame hand drawn animations that are all quite simple. But its something I guess.

    wingedwolf94's Short Animations
    A coyote skull chomping. It looks like pixel art but its just like that because I used a super simple flipbook app that is very low res.

    wingedwolf94's Short Animations
    This is a lot nicer because I used a program that is actually meant for nice drawings instead of doodles. This one second of looping animation took me 7 hours.
    wingedwolf94's Short Animations
    This one was for a school project and I hate it, so did they.
    wingedwolf94's Short Animations
    I'm not sure if fanart is allowed here but another short gif.

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    Hi, great work!, as i know it's takes a long time to do this kind of work, their all cool

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