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Hello to all dear users, I'll show you my last painting today. It is the portrait of a past moment on the pedalboat not far from the shore of Lazise, ​​Garda Lake (IT). A moment when I reached the peace of senses and I wished with myself that everything never ended .. I smoked the cigar on the pedalboat with 2 of my friends, all three of us enjoyed that special moment.. we called them "the perfect day." I was looking at the beach and I thought: I'd like time should stop here! Did it happen to you too?

In daily chaos, I would like to live moments like this very often.. to break away from everything and feel immersed with all the world aroung ! What do you think?

Here is the data and the description of the painting:

DAL PEDALO ' (from the Pedalboat)
Acrylic on canvas, 40 x 50 cm, 09/2017

This is my interpretation of a photo I took a few years ago in Lazise (Italian town of the province of Verona in Veneto, located on the eastern shore of Lake Garda). at that precise moment, I was so relaxed to feel comfortable with the world, magically cradled by the waves of the lake and the magnificent scenery in front of my eyes.

I hope that you enjoy the picture and have transmitted what I felt to you.

Full-featured demo video:

Greetings to everyone.