Hey everyone,

I'm a student from Austin, Tx....well sort of, on break from school... for now..again...heh. Anyway, I was just curious what some of you guys thought about having a mentor. I mean, is it hard to find a skilled artist to study under and learn from. I would imagine that most would be too busy with their careers to have the time to teach.

I titled this thread "Austin Tx artists" because I was curious if any of you guys/gals are from Austin and would be willing to give some instruction or just plain ol' knowlegde to a very interested student. I'm not familiar with any concept artists or people working in the video game industry in town and was looking to gain some more insight and perhaps some training before deciding to go to art school next year.

Also, anyone going to the Dallas Wizard Convention, come check the Soul Chasers table! It's an independent title I pencilled for independent publisher, Hopper Comics, here in Austin. OK!