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    Are Face muscles important too know?

    So i've been wondering for a while you usually don't see face muscles as much as you do other forms such as the pecs or biceps but would learning the face muscles still be helpful to know? i want to draw faces from my imagination so i can see why it would but i just want to make sure with others if i should proceed to learn them or just be aware of them and not put too much into them since the skull does the most of the work. thanks

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    Absolutely especially when you start drawing facial expressions (which is a must since you cannot have all your faces look deadpan all the time). For example the smiling muscles can distort the shape of the head a bit when your subject smiles so you'll need to understand all the muscles involved to draw a smiling face successfully from all angles.

    I used to think like you do until I read Faigin's Facial expression book.

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    true. the skull and fat distribution does influence the external surface more than the muscles do. remember, however, that the facial muscles merely pull the flesh they do not contract. just be aware of them. i think you should focus on the planes, skull and how the fat diminishes as we get older.

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    facial muscles mostly act like force vector which pull the fat around, affecting the surface of the face. It's beneficial to learn all the fat pads, then learn how the muscles action affect them. I find this increibly helpful once you understand the anatomy of the face :

    Scott Eaton has an incredible course on facial anatomy if you have the money
    People keep telling me : " Why do you keep suggesting courses and books instead of just giving me the solution directly ? "

    Well if i could condense all the necessary informations that take hours of explanation and demonstration into a single post, i would gladly do it

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