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    Shows you watch but would never admit to.

    Ok guys post up the shows you watch when no one is home or would never admit to in, never mind that last part

    I will admit...that I watch...IRON CHEF!! I just can't stop watching it, seriously, and my friggn girl got me totally hooked on trading spaces.

    LOL H E L P

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    hahah, iron chef...i know that channel right?
    i dont watch tv that much anymore...cuase it is all fricken commercials, nothing good for me is on. well, i'll admit i watch G4 tv my opinion it is the equivelent station to MTV. except it is about video games and such. i actually hate that station as much as MTV. but i can't help watching it when i turn on my TV once in a while.
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    I actually watch Queer Eye for the Straight Guy sometimes. I think it's funny to watch a group of homosexual stereotypes replace someone's ugly "straight" crap with ugly "gay" crap.

    The other thing I watch (for no explainable reason) is chinese TV. Where I live there's a television station that switches, depending on time of day, between Japanese (which I speak), Korean, and Chinese television. I don't understand a word of what they're saying, but it's interesting when it's 4:00 in the morning and there's nothing else on. Besides, asian TV is the only place to find gameshows such as "stand behind your friend and try and stick noodles in his/her mouth with a pair of chopsticks". COMEDY GOLD, I SAY.
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    I have to admit I become easily entranced by children's television. Some shows, Kipper, for instance, can be hypnotic with their simplistic storylines, soothing visual styles, and pleasant music.
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    I love Iron Chef! Kyou no teema...Omaradu. Allez Cuisine! It's on the food channel here. The times keep on changing so I never know when it's on.

    Hmm...I actually don't watch too much TV anymore...but I do watch Queer Eye sometimes...and uh...The View. Not for the cackling hosts mind you! But for Elisabeth the hottie, I liked seeing her on Survivor so I, what the hell. I could watch it with the sound off and I'd be happy

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    Joan of Arcadia. It's so well written.
    I also like to watch Fashion File...but I haven't seen it in a few months.
    and umm, I occasionally indulge in seeing Dr. Phil pwn dysfunctional people.

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