C.O.W. #396 - Earth Driller - FINALS

Post your final image and description here! No WIPs or placeholders allowed!!! I will delete them. Use the proper thread for this purpose.

Only 1 post per artist allowed! If necessary you may add questions in your post, if you need some last minute help, but actually the wip thread is the right place for this.

I will close the thread after the deadline and look through the images when setting up the poll. Entries which break one or more rules will be deleted.

Copy and paste the following lines and add your own content. Delete all * before posting. You can use the attachment function for the image as well. I will delete all replies, which are not posted this way.

USE THE ATTACHMENT MANAGER (post reply > go advanced > attachement manager - and use the paperclip icon to embed the image)! This way no images get lost over time.

[*B]Artist: [*COLOR=White]your-nickname

Concept: [*COLOR=White]name-of-your-creature

[COLOR=#666666 !important]Sketchbook[/COLOR]

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