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    gaaacckk! stupid game not finished!

    lately i've been playing several PC games that are obviously not finished when they are released. Rome:Total War is a perfect example of this. buried under the mountains of bugs, horrible AI, weird quirks, and just plain broken play mechanics could be one of the best Strategy games i've ever played. the graphics, game engine, and options are absolutely incredible. but the whole experience is ruined by easily fixable stupidity.

    another couple of weeks of playtesting would have exposed the obvious errors and could have been easily fixed. but in a mad dash to squeeze it in between the Dooms and half lifes of the world, the developers decided to release it without it being finished. now i have to wait 3 to 6 months for a patch to get a damn playable game out of this. its robbery, i tells ya!

    but thats not the only game. many games i've played lately are obviously not finished, and i have to wait for a mod or a patch for it to be playable. the game industry seems to be more and more cutthroat. its nice to have bigger games with flashy graphics, but not cleaning up the rough edges unacceptable.

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    Yes, it's not the only game out there released before finished, getting down to graphics or not.

    The main problem is publisher companies pushing the development companies. Or similar.

    Just another reason to help out with freeware games.

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    sometimes even first party developpers don't have a choice on certain liscences..... trust me

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