I'm looking into getting a good tablet for $1500 to $2000 and was wondering what the recommended tablet would be today for digital art.
I was looking into getting a Wacom 22HD, but then I heard about the new ones that are supposed to be launching in January 2018,
and felt like it may be a better idea to just continue my practices on paper and pick up the 24 inch tablet with 4K screen in January for, presumably, around $2000.

I've also heard things about other brands. Some people recommended me to try Huion, others have mentioned something about a Dell Canvas.
At first I was set on getting a Wacom, and since it sounds like a 4K screen would be fantastic to have, I'd be better off waiting for the new 24" one, in that case.
However, if you have any other recommendations or things for me to look at, feel free to suggest them to me here. I'm right-handed, if that matters at all, and just want to find the best bang for my buck.
Screen resolution, tools, usability, a nice screen of a formidable but not-too-large size... cheers.