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    Recently I posted in a separate thread that imagination was shot from working a creatively demanding job. To spare you the details I couldn't get out of this funk with the common methods. I'm posting this thread so other's can post what they do when there imaginations are mush or blank.

    So far today, what helped me chip away at this rutwas doing what I wanted to.

    I usually struggle to create ideas at work because more often than not ideas are shot down before they are even drafted. I'd like to believe that its a natural part of the in house process but after two years of dealing with it in this climate, it has done nothing but hindered the process. Ideas need time to incubate, stupid ideas need to be thrown before you can ask what do I want from this project? Bosses typically hover you and judge initial sketches before you even have an idea. Its quite limiting because you start to judge your thumbnails as you are drawing them. Put's down a line, not good enough, Puts down another line, still not good enoughand so on!

    The point I'm trying to make is sometimes there are way too many chefs in the kitchen and you need to give yourself time to make mistakes. Creating this separation from mistake and end goal isn't easy, especially when bosses hover over you when starting a project. A space like this isn't geared towards creativity and creates unnecessary pressure. One of the common advice I hear is to get up from your desk. This doesn't always work when you are in a mental block where your imagination is literally void; it prolongs the experimentation phase.

    You need to do what you would naturally do. This is hard for me because i'm so used to doing what is expected of me that I have forgotten how to even do what is natural to me. The way around this is to create as if no one is looking, this is way more difficult than it seems because in the work place someone is always looking. If you are allowed to get up and go to a different place to draw that will help. In my case I can't so what helps is to stay in the office when everyone is on lunch. 90% of my difficult projects have breakthroughs during lunch because I use this as experimentation time. I try things that I wouldn't want my bosses or peers to see. I would flip text upside down or scribble like a maniac. It's not rational, but that is the point! It makes art playful again. When something is playful the pain points are less impactful and ease the process. There is a time and place to being critical but when you are starting a project you need to allow things to happen and imagine the possibilities.

    That's the only breakthrough i've had. My imagination is blurry or black most of the time, but at least I could see a glimmer of light.
    Share your tips on kick starting imagination or your struggles.

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    Ah, I actually do a little meditation practice I learned from a friend, then we got to be really close friends and married. It's a version of the tetractys, you just run the lines from 1-10, lock, center and ground. This is theurgy, and works directly through the imagination. There's a book called The Tree of Life, by Israel Regardie, it's really good for training mind to do these things.

    Also eating healthy and drinking enough water and sometimes even taking a bath is helpful.

    I can't work with a hoverer I don't trust, like a super critical weirdo who doesn't understand the art process is very annoying
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