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    Jurassic Park/ World Dinosaurs

    It has been forever and a day since i posted some of my first drawings to the forum. To be honest I forgot that I had signed up, haha. Well, I'm back but no longer work in 2d. Here are some 3d models and prints of those models finished and unfinished. I hope you enjoy them and please feel free to critique them!

    Female T-rex From Jurassic Park WIP
    still need to do the legs and finish some scale details.....

    Name:  6WJ1sdH.jpg
Views: 5162
Size:  195.6 KBName:  lxcQgTu.jpg
Views: 2624
Size:  74.2 KBName:  VbqjgTB.jpg
Views: 2660
Size:  74.5 KBName:  VF9dHgF.jpg
Views: 3377
Size:  155.4 KB

    Baby Raptor in Egg

    Name:  LjQZLOx.png
Views: 2531
Size:  304.8 KBName:  F8j0Di6.png
Views: 2537
Size:  318.7 KB

    Jurassic Park Velociraptor Bust WIP

    Name:  ZGBpW1q.jpg
Views: 2532
Size:  66.1 KB

    JP Dilophosaurus

    Name:  mMsjsgW.jpg
Views: 2579
Size:  27.0 KBName:  aSps4qc.jpg
Views: 2597
Size:  71.6 KBName:  r238v0E.jpg
Views: 2528
Size:  22.0 KB

    Here's the print with a worker from the 3d printing facility.

    Name:  5msl1jd.jpg
Views: 2548
Size:  168.4 KB

    Baby T-rex from the Lost World JP

    CG and 3d Print being painted by the ever talented Manuel Unda.....

    Name:  baby t-rex angle.PNG
Views: 2662
Size:  393.6 KBName:  SIde.jpg
Views: 2523
Size:  76.6 KBName:  Baby Rex.JPG
Views: 2562
Size:  53.5 KBName:  Baby rex 2.JPG
Views: 2540
Size:  89.7 KB

    Dimorphodon from Jurassic World

    Name:  5TOmZHh.jpg
Views: 2561
Size:  34.2 KB

    here is the print next to the 1:5th scale Stan Winston Studio T-rex Bust

    Name:  xpeMPb1.jpg
Views: 2503
Size:  127.6 KB

    Jurassic World Indominus Rex
    Based off of non final Maquettes used on set for lighting reference

    Name:  nlwaptD.jpg
Views: 2582
Size:  70.6 KBName:  uZTMV0S.png
Views: 3035
Size:  310.8 KBName:  4AYGa9m.jpg
Views: 2649
Size:  37.6 KBName:  0hogAH5.png
Views: 3165
Size:  198.3 KB

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    truly exactly do you produce such magnificent creatures?
    rapid 3D prototyping??

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