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    Cintiq or mobile studio pro?

    I'm looking for sugesstions im moving away from home for a few months because of work, and I already own a strong computer at home with intous 5, but I wanna get a good setup on go.
    I'm trying to decide between wacom mobile studio pro 13 or getting a laptop + cintiq 13hd.
    any advices or suggestions would be appraciated!

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    I recently picked up a MobileStudio pro 16 but ended up returning it because I was kind of unimpressed with its performance and it was a bit on the buggy side. That said, if you picked up a laptop, then I don't imagine it would be much better performance wise.

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    You already have intuos so why dont you just pick a good laptop and use it with your intuos. I can say that laptop plus cintiq 13hd from my experience is heavy combination, 13hd has one massive cable with power block, plug from cable to cintiq is weak and if touched accidently signal might be lost for a moment. Screen scratches pretty easily even with care. Unless you will go with cintiq 13 pro version which I believe is better version. I wouldnt go with studio pto line, either it will lag with slower version or it will be very loud if you will go for i7 version. Also you wont be able to upgrade it for faster version in the future, so you will be stuck with expensive tool without future prove specs. These devices are wonderfull on the other hand, very portable but only if you have a lot of spare money. But all this depends on your workflow. Question is are you a heavy user with tons of layers and resolution or maybe just a comics or simple doodles.

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