Hello, I really want to go to LAAFA but the cost is really high. It's a three year program that in the end, will cost about $95,000 in all. This does not include housing, food, or other expenses. While this atelier is cheap compared to art school, it is still expensive. Right now, I'm taking general education classes at a cheap tech school and plan to transfer to this school next year. (Assuming I get accepted.) This school looks perfect for me. It focuses on realism while offering a bfa degree. The reason why a bfa is so important to me is that I'll need to get an mfa someday because I really want to become an art professor.

I know I'll get some grant money, but I don't know any scholarships or other things I can use to pay for my education. I'll have to take out federal loans and very likely private loans ontop of that. Plus, I'll need to do grad school after that. I'm very willing to work and do work study. However, do you think this is possible? Thank you.