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    C.H.O.W 427 Patchwork Pit Fighter

    C.H.O.W 427 Patchwork Pit Fighter

    Character of the Week #427

    Patchwork Pit Fighter
    Deadline - Sunday, May 21st 10PM GMT

    In the not too distant future gladiatorial pit fights are a popular and lucrative form of entertainment. To avoid the many problems that come with blood sports that frequently end in death contestants are built from dead body parts, stitched together much like Frankenstein’s monster. The owners of such fighters often surgically implant weapons, such as circular saws instead of hands, metal spikes and other vicious attachments.
    The most popular pit fighters, despite being soulless abominations with no rights, often achieve celebrity status like today’s wrestlers, and have loyal fans, signature moves and their own ringnames and branding.

    - Undead, stitched together from various body parts. (“male or female” seems redundant here...)
    - May have weapons, bionics, spikes etc attached to their bodies.
    - May not be completely robotic, must contain some visible biological parts.
    - Has a cool ring name that fits their method of fighting or weapon set, etc. Eg: “Jaws”, “Crusher” or “Spike”.
    (Optional) Has their ringname / logo printed on them somewhere.

    The Rules:

    - FINALS: Must post in finals thread before the deadline
    - KNEES UP: Must show at least 3/4 of the character, from at least the knees up.
    - FRONT VIEW: Must be able to see the front of design. No back views without a front.
    - WIPS: Must show at least 2 work in progress shots with final entry.
    - READABLE: Design must be readable, as in a 3D model could be made from your image.
    - ONLY ONE: May only submit one entry. No multiple submissions.
    - 3D: Must be originally created models, excluding primitives. 3D paint-overs permitted. If you choose to use 3D in whole or in part you must show a screenshot of the model in 3D software with final entry.
    - UNACCEPTABLE: These are not permitted: Photos, photo paint-overs, photobashing, pre-made or purchased 3D
    models, rushed works/ rough sketches.
    - NEW USERS: Must submit entries by 6pm GMT on due date, due to's moderation process:

    - DESIGN: Design your character for the brief, not your personal fetish. Nudes without some design are not permitted.
    - READ: Read through the threads; there may be answers to your questions already posted.
    - FUN: Have fun!

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    Just sketched out some ideas not quite sure what direction to go yet.
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    Glad to join CHOW again! Here's my character, I don't have a name for her yet though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fllamjr View Post
    Glad to join CHOW again!
    Glad to see you that you took the time to join. I like your work.

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    Got a new tablet with a screen and decided to use this prompt to test it out!

    Name:  Patchwork.jpg
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    Nice stuff here so far. Here is my zombie army.
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    "Handyman"- His giant right arm is made of parts taken from previous matches. It grows with the help of a bio-processor strapped to his back. The processor works like a fast acting mulch pit. The more raw material ("donated" from his opponents) he adds to the tank, the stronger the arm gets. Because of the blood supply needed to keep him and the arm alive, he has three hearts. One hemisphere of his brain was partitioned just for the arm. Often during matches, the Handyman will begin arguing with his arm. Some people speculate that every time he absorbs an opponents brain, he loses a little more of his own...
    Name:  handyman@0,33xWIP1.jpg
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    Instagram @inkbookerdrawdraw

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    Name:  Patchwork pit fighter sketch.jpg
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Size:  215.2 KBThoughts anyone?

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    Tendril, three time champion of the PIT.

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