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Thread: Question about digital painting

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    Question about digital painting

    I was wondering, do you think it is almost necessary for a digital painter to be able to paint traditionaly if he wants to produce skilled pictures? I would think yes, but does anybody know of any artists who paint well digitally with no experience in traditional painting?
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    Sedone is one I know of...I'm sure there are many others.

    I would suggest a tradional foundation but, there are the exceptions.

    -Joshua James
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    I believe it will help tremendously to paint traditionally but you can do it without. Lots of dedication and reading as much as possible on the subject of painting and color theory and composition. I believe its not necessary but I do believe in strong foundation of traditional art such as drawing, anatomy, color theory, mass and form either they do or not include painting.

    I'd love to hear more opinions and advice on this though.
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    theres nothing like teh feel of a brush in your hand and being able to mannipulate it in the real world(not digital). i think its wise to at least see the techniques of how a good painting is made then bring that knowledge into digital
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